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June 21 - Clarkston Mission Re-cap

Clarkston Mission Trip Re-cap

The Student Ministry returned from their mission trip on June 14! It was a meaningful experience for our students and leaders, not to mention, hot! The students served at Camp Encounter in Clarkston, Ga. If you are not familiar with Clarkston, it is known as one of the most diverse square miles in the world. There are countless languages spoken and 120 people groups represented in this 1.8 square mile city.

During the week the students helped run Camp Encounter., a six week day camp that serves as a primary summer outreach of Clarkston International Bible Church.  Our students taught sports, academics, art, and science to the refugee children who call Clarkston home.
Emi Benson and Lucy Drake leading a group of campers
Not only did our students teach them beautiful life skills, but they also modeled for the campers what it looks like to live like Christ. Multiple conversations were overheard between the campers about what they were learning.  A Grace student shared that their favorite part of the entire camp was when they spent one evening at Olivia‚Äôs (a Grace Student Leader) apartment complex hanging out with some of the refugee kids. During their time together, laughs were shared, bubbles were blown, soccer balls were kicked & many memories were made for Grace students and the campers!
Students enjoying treats and hospitality in an Afghan woman's home. 
Jack Greeson and Liam Hurd setting rat traps.
We are beyond thankful for the opportunity to serve and grow together as well as create these memories as a student ministry. Thank you to everyone who donated so generously and prayed for us during our time in Clarkston! We appreciate your support, and we are excited to visit Clarkston again soon!
Dinner at a local Nepali restaurant
The boys table at the local Napali restaurant

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