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June 7 - Psalms That Shape Us

Psalms That Shape Us

For the last couple of months, we’ve learned about the Story of God as told in the Scriptures. It’s been a good learning journey. This summer we’ll reflect on our stories and the ways God meets us in them. The Psalms provide a unique and personal window into the wide variety of ways God meets us. Like a personal journal they speak into the range of our thoughts and emotions as we walk with God in our everyday lives.

We’ve asked different members of our teaching team to select a Psalm that has played a special role in shaping their personal journey. Not only will we become better acquainted with a number of Psalms we’ll get a unique glimpse into the personal stories of those who teach us.

Here’s an overview of our summer:
  • June 9 Psalm 46 John Bell
  • June 16 Psalm 139 Sara Storck
  • June 23 Psalm 27 Gary Franklin
  • June 30 Psalm 130 Whitney Drake
  • July 14 Psalm 57 Gary Franklin
  • July 21 Psalm 86 Eric Flintoff
  • July 28 Psalm 1 Fiona Thiessen

I encourage everyone to invest the summer months in each of these Psalms. I also invite all our small groups to discuss the Psalms when you gather. Let’s make this a rich and shared spiritual journey as a family.
- Gary Franklin

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Malia Bergstrom - June 7th, 2024 at 12:21pm

Sounds like an amazing series with a fabulous lineup. And the Braves aren’t even playing!




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