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June 14 - Serving in Spain

Grace Members Serving in Spain this Summer 

Two months ago, Grace Church welcomed Oleg and Lena Vasilevsky, long term mission partners who oversee Radooga in Ukraine. During their time with us, they shared about a mission trip opportunity this summer in Spain serving displaced children from Ukraine. Susan Stohrer, Paul Jasczynski and Tali Perez and her daughter, Valeria Blanton felt the Lord's invitation to serve and will be traveling to Spain on July 4. StoryWorthy is a place to share what is happening in the lives of Grace people so this week we hear from Susan, Paul, Tali and Valeria!
Susan Stohrer - attending Grace for 20 years.
"Oleg came to Grace this spring and invited me to come to Spain to teach English to Ukrainian refugee teenagers this summer. It was one of those opportunities that I couldn't stop thinking about. By that evening, I knew it was something I wanted to do.

God is always teaching us and through this experience God has reminded me that He knows our passion areas, what makes our hearts pump with excitement, and uses them for His glory. Also, he has already blown me away with His provision for the trip! Jesus continues to remind me that when He calls us, He also equips us, and takes care of the details. We can trust Him.

I have had a heart for Ukraine since traveling there with Grace in 2010 to serve at a Radooga camp. Now, Alik Shipuk, pastor of Slavic Baptist church in Valencia, Spain, has a heart for Ukrainian teenagers that he regularly meets in Valencia."
Slavic Baptist Church in Valencia, Spain
"In partnership with Radooga Ministries, his church and our team will share the Gospel with Ukrainian teenagers who were torn from their homes through a weeklong summer camp where they will attend English classes, play games, worship, and hear from God’s word. Teams will assist with English learning classes, camp games, and build relationships with students and leaders from the community and Slavic Baptist Church. Through this camp, the church desires to establish a consistent student ministry within their church for students to attend weekly."
Paul Jasczynski - attending Grace for 15+ years
"Approx 2-3 months ago Oleg and Lena came to Grace and shared details about the Mission trip to Spain to help the displaced children of Ukraine. I felt I need to help with this, so I prayed and asked God to either allow me to do this or not do this.

Through this experience I have been learning to trust God through all challenges and situations. While I am not really sure about teaching English to the children, I've never done it before, I am trusting God that he will use me to further his Kingdom. Also, I am grateful and humbled that God is allowing me to be part of this."
Tali Perez has been attending Grace for 20 years! Valeria, age 16, since she was born! 
“I, (Tali) have been following the war in Ukraine closely from the start, but to get to do so through the eyes of Oleg and Lena has been moving, especially as their ministry had to evolve to accommodate displaced children. As a family, we have prayed for Ukraine, and we have collected and sent humanitarian aid. But now Valeria and I are honored to have the opportunity to meet Ukrainian children and serve them in person in tangible ways. I am excited to see what God does through his people there.”
To Susan, Paul, Tali and Valeria, thank you for sharing your stories with us! We are inspired by God's activity and provision in your life and will be praying for the children you serve and the work you will do! 

Budget and Bylaws Announcement

The results of the Bylaws vote and the 2024-2025 Budget vote has been tallied. Both votes passed. Thank you to everyone who participated in the Bylaw amendment process and in the casting of your votes for both. We look forward to serving another year with you!

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