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May 3 - Grace Gardens Project

Grace Gardens Project

In recent months, ideas have been growing within and throughout our Grace family concerning a garden project. A few months ago, Mark and Debbie MacLachlan shared with us about their current work and skill set in the world of agriculture. Fast forward a few months and they have formed a small team to help bring the Grace Gardens Project to life!

Ryan, Peyton and Finn Kitchens began attending Grace in May 2021. They quickly connected in a variety of ways like joining the decorating team, the Grace Kids team as well as a small group. Peyton has a particular passion for gardening and is one of the Grace Gardens team members. Wanting to know more about the project plan, we reached out to Peyton;

"As I’m getting ready to share this story with you, I am walking through my garden and it’s giving me so much peace in the midst of a busy day. I’m seeing all of God’s goodness surround me. Watching things grow, hearing the birds, and feeling the warmth of the sun.

Peyton's home garden
All of these are feelings, that those of us who are starting this project, want to share with our wider community! Any garden is an opportunity for new life to be brought forth, what a beautiful image of the way that God loves us. A few of us have been brainstorming - how could we use the land behind the church? How can that space be an opportunity to love on the community around us? Mark and Debbie MacLachlan found a wonderful program called Foundations for Farming, or The Well Watered Garden, their vision is shared below.

“Through tools like the Well-Watered Garden we seek to give people simple approaches that enable people to grow food in a simple way that is easy to pass on to others. Our vision is to equip a network of trainers about the United States and world who can help meet the growing demand for solutions to the looming global food crisis.”

What an incredible opportunity the Lord has given us to share this simple approach with our immediate community. It’s also a perfect bridge to share the gospel. Mark, Debbie and Peyton will have all taken the training course that will equip us to start this project at Grace! Our short-term goal is just to get started - you’ve always gotta start somewhere, right? Long-term, we would love for this to turn into an opportunity to contribute fresh organic produce to the food pantry at Grace, and perhaps it could turn into a for-profit venture that would allow us to employ community members at our garden/farm. We’ve done lots of dreaming but starting with a simple 20‘ x 20‘ garden bed in the back of the church will be our first step.

Later in the summer, we are dreaming about having the Grace Church students help us start seeds that will grow into seedlings to be planted in our garden. Hopefully, we will get to follow up with more on that soon!

We will be starting our Well-Watered Garden at Grace on May 18! If you’re interested in being a part of this opportunity, please contact Peyton Kitchens, peytonmkitchens@gmail.com"

Future home of Grace Gardens! Works begins on May 18! Join us!

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  • May 5 - Lunch on the Lawn provided by Cleveland Elementary! Please RSVP so they can prepare appropriately! Also, sign up to help with set-up or clean-up! 

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